Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Some Beach, Somewhere

I loved this sign, when I was a kid. Avenue 5 Extension leads only one place, and that is to Pine Point Beach in Scarborough, in my humble opinion the finest beach in Maine. Contiguous with the more famous Old Orchard Beach, Pine Point boasts whiter, finer sand and smaller crowds. It's pure beach - no games, rides, or shops - but the hullaballoo of Old Orchard is a pleasant two-mile walk down the beach, if you feel the urge. I did, on Monday, and made the walk from the jetty to the Pier.

One nice thing about living in Maine is that a beach day does not require a big plan; a hot day, a few hours free; that's all it took.

The view from Pine Point.
...and there's the Pier, off in the distance.
Getting closer!
And here's the view, from the Pier!
This is also a great walk on that odd sunny day in February when the temp gets above 45F.

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