Saturday, May 13, 2017

An Amazing Thing Happened on the Way to Project Kitchen Island

To refresh your memory, yesterday I started a new project: transform Maine's Ugliest Dresser into a kitchen island. I had to empty the drawers to get started.

Imagine my surprise when I discover this:

That's right, a gift card...a wedding gift card, to be exact. From twelve years ago. For almost enough to cover the project! I checked it out to make sure it was still valid, and yes indeed it is! In fact I already used part of it to buy some tongue & groove bead board for the facing of the island.

The rest of my materials list looks like this:

  • ¾" plywood, for top
  • Ardex Feather Finish, a skim-coat concrete surface. 
  • Dex-o-tex 2-part epoxy sealer
  • Primer (already have!)
  • Antique White paint (I think my sister & her boyfriend have some left over from a project)
  • Corbels, to support the wider countertop, so stools can fit under. 
I think that's all! This is going to be easier than I thought...and it paid for itself! Almost.

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