Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The View From Black Mountain

Summit view
When you're self-employed, there are no set bounds on your working hours. As a result, you can find yourself just always working. In October the year I turned 50 I realized I had let an entire, precious Maine summer go by without a single outdoor adventure.
To avoid a repeat, my husband and I started a tradition: we will plan something fun together for his birthday, in mid-July; our anniversary, at the end of July; and for my birthday, in August. We might have more, but we never have less than three summer-fun days.

For Doug's birthday, he wanted to hike black mountain, to examine the exposed ledge at the summit for beryl crystals. I can't say I recommend this hike,
Doug, trudging to the summit
unless you, too, are interested in Maine minerals; it's a very steep round-stone road, and not especially pretty. The view from the top, though: that was amazing.

Didn't see much wildlife, surprisingly - not even birds, except two very startled - and startling - partridges. Well - and a lot of deer flies, and some weird looking shiny-black flies, wide as AMC Pacers. I think maybe they were tachinid flies? Pretty freaky looking, anyway.

Black Mountain is home to one of Maine's icons, however - we didn't encounter a moose but we saw clear evidence they had been there: 

The walk down was, unsurprisingly, more pleasant. Here's a view of Roxbury pond, seen coming down the mountain:

We finished the day with a stop at Rowe's Afternoon Delite, a classic Maine roadside stand for burgers & onion rings. I wanted scallops but they only take cash! There's a sign saying where they nearest ATMs are but honestly I didn't want scallops that badly, so I settled.

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