Saturday, March 21, 2020

Covid Days, 8

I got through to my credit card company this morning. They told me I don't have to make my next due payment, but that interest would continue to accrue. Rat bastards. Not that it matters for me - mine is in a no-interest program, one of those balance transfer deal where you pay 3% upfront, then pay no interest for some pre-determined period of time. But for most people, that would ultimately mean paying more, because then you'd pay interest on the interest.

Like I said, rat bastards. They even find a way to take advantage of a global crisis to make more money.

My mortgage company has also put out a statement suggesting they might do payment deferrals, also - whaddaya want to bet they will also continue to accrue interest? Not that it matters, if th offer is on the table i have no choice but to take it.

This morning I broke down crying for the first time, out of fear for our future. I worked so hard to get us to this point! I was having a great year, before the virus said "HA!"

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