Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Days of Covid, 3

Today was...not great. It started pretty good! I cleaned in the morning - just basic stuff, not the deep cleaning I've been promising myself I'd use all this extra time for - I made bread, roasted a chicken, spent some time reading a book in a sunny window: the very picture of quarantine contentment. Then I made a bad mistake: I decided I could go ahead & not be productive for a day, so I didn't go into the studio. Instead I spent the latter part of the day reading the news, trying to gather information about the crisis.

That was my mistake.

Yesterday in a press conference, the president just casually said that this might last until JULY OR AUGUST. He didn't mention any plans to help people who simply can't not work for FOUR MONTHS. It left me feeling like we're on our own out here. I don't know how I will pay my mortgage & utilities if my classes & sales events are cancelled for four months.

For the first time I am feeling like everything will not be ok.

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