Thursday, February 13, 2014

Cedar Waxwings are in Town!

At least once a winter, usually in February, I encounter an enormous flock of Cedar Waxwings, numbering in the hundreds. These I observed in the trees lining the Hannaford parking lot, some of which featured berries still clinging, even this late into the season. Waxwings rely on such trees in winter, as their other food sources - insects and tree sap - are unavailable. (They do also feed on cedar cones.)

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Yeti Sighting Reported in Litchfield

According to the KJ: a Litchfield man has reported seeing a "white bigfoot," sometimes called a Yeti, near his home.
A single man identified only as “M.P.” told Cryptozoology News that he was walking his dog outside his Litchfield home in December when the dog started barking and pulling him as he had never done before.
He said he looked up and saw a huge, fat, white-haired beast, which stopped in
Not the Litchfield Yeti
front of them, looked at them and growled before screaming and running away into the woods.

“I couldn’t see his eyes well, but they looked brown to me, but very, very dark, almost black,” M.P. told the website. “Big mouth, like a monkey, with big sharp teeth. I tell you, a freak. I’ve always laughed at all these bigfoot nuts. Now I guess I’m the crazy one here. Unless it was a very good hoax played on me, that could be, but I tell you again it ain’t easy for a man to make those kinds of moves. That didn’t look human to me.”
Well. Hard tellin not knowin, I guess.