Saturday, August 29, 2020

Maine is...


Maine is rivers, and mountains. Maine is ocean and lakes, farmland, apple orchards, fishing boats, blueberry barrens. Maine is small cities with cute little shops and restaurants. I love that I can find it all right here, without leaving the state, because it's a terrible time to travel. 

In fact, it's a terrible time for America, and my heart goes out to those in harder-hit areas. I feel deeply lucky to have a governor who listens to the science & bases policy on that advice. As a result, Maine has very few cases of Covid, despite being a summer destination - we aren't called Vacationland for nothing. Our businesses are mostly open, our schools will have in-person classes - at least a couple days a week. Science works, and leaders should have the humility to listen to people who know more than them. 

This is the bridge from the town of Lubec to Campobello Island, Canada. I can't cross that bridge, with or without passport, because the US government has handled the coronavirus pandemic so badly that there is a travel ban against Americans in most western countries, including Canada. Why has it been so much worse in the US than other countries? See the above paragraph. Science works, and leaders should have the humility to listen to scientists. 
We won't be able to truly beat back the virus until we have new leadership. 
Vote for Biden. He's our only hope. 

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Upper Falls at The Cataracts, Andover, Maine


My favorite Maine hikes are always chasing waterfalls. Today I went with the always-fun Bionic Yowie, We've been friends since high school (and that is a loooong time ago!) but only recently started hiking together. 
There are two trailheads close together on East B Hill Road in Andover. We did Dunn Falls a couple of weeks ago; today was The Cataracts Trail. The Cataracts is the easier of the two. 
It was a perfect day for hiking, sunny but not too warm. I almost wished it had been warmer, though, because this trails includes several swimming holes. 
All in all a beautiful trail on a beautiful day. 

Friday, August 7, 2020

Snow's Falls, West Paris, Maine

 As beautiful as this is, it isn't even, like,  a hiking destination; this is just a rest area in West Paris, Maine.