Monday, March 23, 2020

The Days of Covid, 10

Every day I start out fine. I have my coffee, I get stuff done...until about mid-afternoon, when I basically dissolve in a puddle of anxiety or rage. Today it's rage! I am enraged because Congress can not get this basic bill passed: they have to tack on all kinds of shit ($500,000,000,000.00 for Mnuchin to do whatever he wants with - no oversight, no accountability!) Supposedly they all - Dems and Republicans - agree on sending out relief checks, so fucking PASS THE PART THEY AGREE ON. Quit trying to shoehorn in all this other crap, deal with that in separate bills.

You can't tell people they can't work for weeks (or months!) and then not do anything to help them.

I did our grocery shopping this morning. I wore a bandanna over my nose & mouth, and rubber gloves. I felt like an idiot...but I didn't take them off. I know they tell us masks & scarves don't keep you from getting corona, but it did keep my from touching my face the whole time I was out in the world.

Any trip into the world that needs to be done, I do instead of my husband, because the virus is much more deadly for men than women, and Doug is a smoker. Of course if I got it he'd probably get sick too; but I don't know how we can isolate any more than we already are.

Tomorrow a trip to Portland to pick up clay. I ordered & paid by phone & they will just leave it outside for me: a no-contact transaction.

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