Friday, January 24, 2014

Maine: Tops in Cat Lovers

Which is all that really matter, right?

In addition to being the safest state in the nation, and in the top ten in quality of life measures like home ownership,  high school graduation, and reading scores - all this according to Politico - Maine was ranked by Estately Blog as "far and away" the best state for cat lovers.

We earned the distinction with no-kill shelters, good animal-protection laws, Facebook "likes", and of course, a high percentage of cat ownership. Maine also scored points for being one of only three states to have an official state cat, our beloved Maine coon, which with its tufted ears and paws is said to be uniquely suited to cold weather.

However Estately arrived at Maine's top standing, this random sampling of three - representing 50%
of the cat population of this house - seem to agree.

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