Sunday, January 19, 2014


Welcome to Wicked Cozy, a blog about life in Maine.

Maine living is, of course, as diverse as Maine people. Life here can be hectic or peaceful, cosmopolitan or backwoods. I want to take the Maine lifestyle at its best - creative, serene, comfortable, active - and highlight it here. I'll talk about cooking and gardening, hobbies, decor, and outdoor activities. I'll also cover shopping, dining (fine and otherwise!), and the Maine arts scene.

And just who am I? I'm Lori Watts, a potter from Augusta, the capital of Maine on the beautiful Kennebec River. I was born in Bangor and grew up mostly in Southern Maine, with frequent visits to Cherryfield, my mother's Downeast hometown. I lived away long enough to appreciate what Maine has to offer, and came back to make my home here in Central Maine. Beautiful, affordable, and full of character and characters; I can't think why anyone would live anywhere else. 

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